The Vibe Project



  • Visual Identity
  • Key Messaging
  • Website Design & Development
  • Offering Development

Creating experiences through music, design and community-driven events

The Vibe Project are masters at curating vibes for their client, but knew the value of an external lens to define and communicate their own brand vibe. They also wanted to define the value and ingredients of what goes into a purposeful vibe. 

Hungry created a brand framework that both captured the energy of their particular brand vibe while leaving space for the distinctiveness of their client brands to shine through. 

We invented the concept of a 'vibe board' which creates a dynamic flow, weaving together the different elements that encapsulate a multi-layered vibe.


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Working with Patricia and the Hungry team has been life-saving for a solo entrepreneur like myself. They come to the table with confidence, a range of skill sets and an understanding of exactly what they need to do to help and guide you. For example, when creating my website, Patricia recorded a video of all the ins and outs of Squarespace that I needed to do to bring my vision to life. This video has helped me countless times and for anything else, she and her team were quickly available and ready to help. I have continued to use Patricia and the Hungry team throughout my startup process and have loved them. They’re the best!
— Olivia Coleon, Founder of The Vibe Project