Lindsey Cole



  • Visual Identity
  • Key Messaging
  • Website Design + Development
  • Collateral Design

Storyteller inspiring others to embrace their inner adventurer.

Lindsey Cole had just finished walking a 1,500 mile trek across Australia. She had a compelling story to tell but no platform to provide credibility and context for the... six other epic adventures she had already completed. 

Hungry collaborated with Lindsey to tell her story, develop a professional basis as as and influential goal setter that helped her establish the credibility to become a public speaker and attract international press.

“Patricia is just wonderful. I’ve loved adventuring and been doing them for 8 years, but the thought of doing my own website just cringed me out and made me think it was self indulgent. And I when I did try I always got lost and would go round in circles trying to make it look right. Patricia gave the perfect gentle nudge up the backside. Our catch ups were like a deadline and she was really encouraging and made me believe that I was worthy of having my own site. She’s always impressively tech savvy and made the whole experience really easy. She’s brilliant x”
— Lindsey Cole