Green Penthouse



  • Visual Identity
  • Key Messaging
  • Brand Naming
  • Website Design + Development

Co-living & co-working space in Cambodia

Preparing to open their doors to the public after transforming the property, the owners of The Green Penthouse wanted to identify and establish their vision and the value of the space in order to attract key partnerships to make the dream reality. 

Hungry worked closely with the creators to highlight the unique characteristics of the building and paint a picture of the potential for the space, focused on co-working and co-living in an eco-friendly environment.

Within six months of public launch, the key partnership with Outpost was established, which enabled the vision for The Green Penthouse to be fully realised.

Working with the Hungry team was like watching magic at work. They worked super fast and communicated the concept as it was intended, getting real close to the heart of it all. I think that is the most important quality in a collaborator is to understand the ‘client’ from their core … in a way that translates telling their story to the target market, better than they themselves ever could. Their methodology extracted and constructed the right words and meaning with clarity, making me feel incredibly positive about the process of creating the website.

The best part wasn’t even about getting the site up… but how much the process helped me clarify my vision for the space and boost my confidence in that vision. It reaffirmed my passion for not only sharing the space but that kind of lifestyle - true co-living and co-working.
— Gjemmestad Family (Owners of The Green Penthouse)