Events by Example



  • Visual Identity
  • Key Messaging

Event planning for entrepreneurs and small businesses

Events by Example were often mistaken as wedding planners, which was a problem because they weren't. They specialised in helping entrepreneurs and small businesses use events to expand their reach and influence. They needed a re-brand that appealed to their ideal client and identified their niche. 

Hungry developed a brand identity based on their purpose: creating the right conditions for a business to flourish through events. Growing businesses is what Events by Example does and we translated this metaphor into the use of succulents across the brand – both visually and experientially. 

At the beginning of a client relationship, Event By Example gifts their client a symbolic succulent as a living breathing reminder of this.

We also extended this theme harmoniously between geometric and organic shapes, creating a brand framework they could expand across their collateral and digital presence. 


Thanks to the Hungry team, not only do we have a brand that is fresh now but we have a brand with longevity that will remain fresh, indefinitely. The creative process was a treat to experience and the expertise, thought and love put into this brand is so evident. Thank you a million times over!
— AMY SAVAGE, Founder of Events by Example