EOS Freedom Proxy



  • Brand Naming
  • Visual Identity
  • Key Messaging
  • Website Design & Development

Supporting Liberty Minded Block Producers on EOS

For this project, Hungry was challenged to develop an identity and digital presence for a EOS blockchain voter proxy – a new concept to communicate. A voter proxy gives token holders the ability to delegate their Block Producer voting power to a proxy that represents their interests.

Our challenge was to communicate effectively what a voter proxy is and present a transparent representation of the organization to inform EOS account voters.

The logo was designed to incorporate the EOS logo with meaningful enhancement. Refined rocket tips and digitized flame were added to represent both the proxy’s mission of “building freedom” as well as the commitment of multiple individuals around a shared ideology to fuel that journey.

During the project, we guided the founders from ideation, identity development, through to the design and build of a data rich website desktop and mobile website that disclosed the block producers freedomproxy was currently voting for and the rationale behind their voting choices. Special consideration was given to ongoing site management, as the EOS blockchain network’s json disclosure data standard for block producers was not being used consistently enough to be used as a reliable data source.

Launch Website