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Build authority and credibility with a consistent, professional brand. 



Before we begin the branding process, we'll have a conversation to explore who you are, what you want to achieve and whether we're a good fit. We'll walk you through our process, discuss our packages and bespoke options, and help you decide what is the right choice for you.

Weekly Touch Point Calls

Our branding process has been streamlined to guide you through what's relevant and required at each stage. This will include filling in dynamic forms and weekly calls with your brand identity consultant – who you can also email anytime to provide additional information or discuss any questions.  

Mission, Vision and Values

Your brand's mission, vision and values not only help others understand and engage with your brand, but help shape and guide your vision for the years ahead. We help you define:

  • A practical mission that underpins your day-to-day.
  • An inspirational and aspirational long-term goal that underpins your culture, communications and visual identity.
  • A set of values to guide your actions and support you achieving your mission and vision.

Authority Pillars

Where are you ready to establish yourself as an authority? We examine the intersection of your knowledge, experience, market demand and visibility factors to define the unique authority pillars you can genuinely claim.

We then expand this into a strategy that will build your authority cohesively across the content you create, the talks and workshops you deliver, your ranking in search engines, the consulting packages you offer and press to wish to attract. 

Key Messaging

Once we've determined the foundation of what you believe in and stand for, we capture your knowledge, experience and credibility in all the forms you'll need to communicate across your digital presence:

  • A consistent title or string of complementary terms
  • A short form one sentence description 
  • A medium form one paragraph description 
  • A long form one page biography
  • A list of your keyterms and core hashtags 

Visual Identity

Your visual identity is more than just your logo. When all of your brand's key messaging has been determined, the underlying identity will have been established. From here, what we design will develop organically from this identity as well as being influenced by your design preferences and the requirements we determine from your objectives. Taken as a whole, what we design together will be known as your visual identity – and will include:

  • Logo (symbol, wordmark, lockup)
  • Typography
  • Colours
  • Texture and Pattern
  • Imagery (Illustrations / Iconography / Photography)

Brand Guidelines

This document acts as a guide for presenting your brand with consistency, quality and impact – it can be the difference between a good brand and a great one. Its purpose is to guide you and others through the process of designing and delivering consistent brand communications and materials.

This package includes a summary the written material developed for your brand earlier in the process and a fully bespoke visual identity, designed and developed from scratch to represent your brand's unique character.  

Additional Inclusions:

  • Signature Pattern
  • Custom Graphics Set (included in Solopreneur Package)
  • Applications and Mockups (included in Solopreneur Package)
  • Image Library / Filters (included in Startup Package)

Social Media Graphics

Extending on your visual identity and key messaging, we design your standard profile graphics (profile photo and cover photo/video) optimised for your top three social platforms as well as a suite of brand-aligned content templates you can easily populate with your own content in your tool of choice – Photoshop, Illustrator or Canva


  • Profile Graphics
  • Content Graphics (included in Solopreneur Package)

Let's get to work!

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