About Us

We believe a well-crafted brand is your greatest strategic asset. 


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Our Ethos

Brand-Driven Creation Lab

  • Brands unify the emotion, understanding and ideals behind your business.

  • Brands provide the coherent vision and promise that establishes and nurtures relationships.

  • Brands clarify the sweet spot between where your vision and capabilities meet your user needs and desires.

  • Brands are carriers of meaningful interaction and build trust when consistent, authentic and relevant.

  • Brands are lenses through which the world sees you.

    What we offer

    Brand Audit

    We evaluate your brand presence and create prioritised insights to action.

    Awareness: Are your stakeholders and customers aware you exist?
    Differentiation: What is your proof, reasons to believe?
    Consistency: Does your presence build trust?
    Accessibility: Are you easy to find, purchase and use?
    Emotional connection: Do you emotionally connect?

    Brand Identity

    We clarify vision and design a consistent 'brand stack'.

    Aesthetics Layer: How your brand looks
    Interaction Layer: How your brand feels
    Functional Layer: What your brand does
    Physical Layer: How your brand is made
    Meaning Layer: What your brand means

    Brand Playbook

    We map how your brand works as a whole and create simple guidelines to keep it clear and consistent.

    Brand Vision: What do you stand for?
    Brand Story: How do you share your story?
    Brand Audience: Who are you talking to?
    Brand Personality: Are you relatable?
    Brand Positioning: How you are different?
    Brand Artifacts: Is your brand cohesive?

    Brand Experience

    We create, implement and evaluate brand touch points along your customer journey:

    Social Media
    Content Creation
    Retail Locations
    Office Environments


    Our Latest Projects


    Our Founder

    Patricia Parkinson

    Creative Director • Innovation Strategist • Polymath

    Patricia Parkinson is a Creative Director with 10+ years of experience working with multinational organisations and 80+ entrepreneurs to develop coherent brand experiences.

    As a polymath, Patricia draws from diverse knowledge and deep expertise as a graphic artist, UX/UI designer, operations manager, digital marketer, front-end developer, and founder of 4 companies to develop holistic brand frameworks that integrate considerations and constraints across product development, marketing, internal culture and external community building.

    She's most passionate about shifting perceptions of what's possible at the intersection of design, technology and entrepreneurship.   

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    Clients we've worked with

    "Working with Patricia and the Hungry team has been life-saving for a solo entrepreneur like myself.

    They come to the table with confidence, a range of skill sets and an understanding of exactly what they need to do to help and guide you."

    – Olivia Coleon, Founder of The Vibe Project

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    "Hungry not only delivered bang on brief, but also provided creative direction and marketing inspiration that went above and beyond.

    I’ve been able to roll this out across numerous channels and packaging designs to create a consistent and uniquely identifiable style."

    – Founder, KnitIQ

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    "Patricia was one of the most energetic, enthusiastic and understanding people I have ever had the chance to work with. Her attention to detail, knowledge of all aspects of creative and the dedication at which she approached her job made mine and everyone else's job that much easier."

    – Christie Carson-Ginger, Brookshire Media